My dream TiiPii wedding

Cuddle up

Cuddle up with your new hubby or let your guests experience the perfect spot for getting together, make a perfect selfie and enjoy in the trees.

The perfect selfie spot

You’re wearing your best outfit of the year, you’re feeling great, you’re relaxing in nature and chilling in a TiiPiibed. It’s the perfect spot to take that selfie and share your #tiipiimoment on Instagram.

The wedding gift

They can take it away on their honeymoon, hang it in the garden and think back on a lovely day.

Style your wedding

Add some relaxing vibes to your perfect day

Weddings can be long for kids to wait without being able to run and have fun with the other kids. Enter TiiPii! The perfect play spot for kids to chill out, swing and use as a ‘hidie spot’. At night your party quests will love it as a chill spot with a cocktail.

Dreaming of a full TiiPii wedding in all it’s glory? We created the floating TiiPii bed and the TiiPii Bell Tent. An amazing range to fully style your wedding. Check out our Pinterest page for all our TiiPii wedding inspiration.

The TiiPii bed makes the best wedding gift. It’s a place for the newly weds to relax and cuddle, plus they can bring it on their honeymoon! The TiiPii easily fits in carry on bags, is light en a favourite gift for family or friends.

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