Powder Coated White Steel TiiPii TriPod Hammock Stand
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  • 1_White TiiPii Stand_Front
  • 2_White TiiPii Stand_Side
  • 4_White TiiPii Stand Crown Detail
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  • 6_White TiiPii Stand & TiiPii Bed Detail
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Powder Coated White Steel TiiPii TriPod Hammock Stand


The White Steel TriPod Hammock Stand blissfully compliments the TiiPii Bed and acts as a discreet, chic feature when supporting the floating bed.

Constructed from powder coated steel that is durable, strong and perfectly paired for outdoor residential use.   Easily assembled in 5-10 minutes and packs down just as quickly to allow you the freedom of a truly nomadic lifestyle.



  • Suitable for 1.5m Nomad, 1.8m Nester & Deluxe Poolside TiiPii Floating Daybed
  • Supports up to 250kgs
  • Assembled quickly & simply by 1 person
  • Hammock Stand compacts down for easy storage and transportation
  • Convenient canvas storage bag included
  • Suitable for residential use both indoors & out
  • Tripod Hammock Stand suitable for alternative hanging chairs


Adaptable & versatile

All TiiPii Beds and Hammock Stands can be used separately at any time.

Convenient & transportable

Both TiiPii & Hammock Stand are set up quickly, without the need of any tools.  All Hammock Stands come with convenient carry bags.

Strong & durable

Capable of matching the 250kg load capacity of the TiiPii Bed.