‘Bambino’ 1.0m TiiPii Bed & Stand Set – Natural White
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‘Bambino’ 1.0m TiiPii Bed & Stand Set – Natural White


The irresistibly cute Bambino TiiPii Bed is a beautiful addition to any space within the home.

Featuring the same open design as the adult-sized hanging daybeds, it allows children to experience the relaxing sensation of floating just above the ground and encourages inspiration, creativity & pure imagination.

Simply assembled like all other TiiPiis, the Bambino can be used as a stylish chill-out space within any nursery or children’s bedroom, or as the ultimate nest to play and relax in.  Chic, compact and transportable, the 1 meter TiiPii Hammock Bed can also be detached and used separately from the TiiPii Hammock Stand at any time.

Available in Natural White.


Bambino TiiPii Bed & Hammock Stand Set Specifications

  • Set includes 1.0m TiiPii Bed, TiiPii Stand & ambient net
  • Hanging daybed holds up to 50kgs
  • Assembled simply by 1-2 people
  • TiiPii & Hammock Stand compacts down into small canvas carry bags
  • Water Resistant, Anti-Mould & Anti-UV
  • TiiPii Bed base is constructed from durable marine grade poly-cotton canvas & aluminium
  • Machine Washable
  • Can be used with Hammock Stand or free hung from an alternatively safe structure, ceiling, branch or beam.