Take me with you

No matter where you go, TiiPii is made to tag along on all your adventures. 

Light & Easy

Created for the outdoors and comes in a convenient carry bag. The TiiPii Bed is set up in minutes, anti mould and water-resistant.

Enjoy the surroundings

The subtitle floating of the TiiPii puts your mind at ease to make you fully aware of the beautiful surroundings.

Bug net included

With the mosquito net included you can fully relax in the TiiPii Bed, no bugs will bug you!

Packed up light and easy

To show your TiiPii the world…

Let's go on a roadtrip and bring a TiiPii Bed

Slimline and convenient canvas carry bag included to take your TiiPii Bed anywhere you like. The bag weighs just 5kg and easily fits in carry on luggage.

A perfect pocket away from the world, with enough room for 1-2 adults or up to 4-5 children to enjoy… However that completely depends whether you want to share it, my dear!

The ultimate spot for reading is lying back in your TiiPii Bed. Pop in some pillows and blankets fall in love with your book between the trees.

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