Hang me in your garden

Oh how I love to be hanging in the garden...

Porch Perfect

The TiiPii Bed is made to hanging from any tree or beam in your garden. A porch is the most perfect place for your TiiPii Bed. Relax in the sun with your favourite book and make the most of your outside space.

Use that tree

Is your garden blessed with a big tree? It would be such a waste not to take advantage of these amazing natural creatures. Pick a stabile branch and hang your TiiPii in the tree and enjoy some natural shade.

Bye Bye Bugs

With the option of adding or removing an adults or kids canopy, you’re able to benefit from the breeze, stay immune from insects, enjoy the shade or bask in the sun.

Pop it in your garden…

Enjoy family-time in the garden

garden accessory hammock

Our TiiPii products are created for the outdoors and safe and durable. Made from a marine grade cotton and polyester blend, your TiiPii is anti mould, UV and water resistant.

A perfect pocket away from the world, with enough room for 1-2 adults or up to 4-5 children to enjoy… However that completely depends whether you want to share it, my dear!

Let’s get those kids outside again! Play, discover, swing, lauch, run. That’s what TiiPii is all about. The TiiPii is the perfect ‘hidie’ spot, for reading a book or making homework when the sun is out.

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