Finding the perfect outdoor wedding style

Finding the perfect outdoor wedding style
February 15, 2018 TiiPii
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Summer always means weddings bells and marathon wedding, trying to wholesale nba jerseys attend all your friends events. For you it’s picking the right Typeface outfit and accessories Bosnien but for your friends getting married, it’s about picking out the perfect venue and it can get cheap nba jerseys exhausting ! We at Tiipii Cool are great outdoor enthusiasts, so we have been cheap nba jerseys researching interesting places beautiful outdoor venues that are different than cheap nba jerseys the typical classic ones.

So if you’re planning a wedding, or you just want to look at inspirational images for the future, then kick back and relax in your garden hammock and keep on reading..

During our research, we came upon some different outdoor venues and one of our favorites one were weddings that mixed greenhouse, nature with a more sophisticated, simple and elegant feel to it. Here are three amazing examples:


This wedding outdoor venue just blew us away! The historic ruins and beautiful gardens will feel like you’re having two weddings in one. It is the perfect mix for a sophisticated and rustic theme.


Outdoor Wedding wine inspired

This outdoor venue is an interesting take on a wine inspired wedding. We like the simplicity of the tables, chairs and decorations but what is eye catching is the ceiling made of tree branches and leaves that looks like grapevine. The whole atmosphere is cosy, elegant and simple. Nothing wrong with simplicity when you add a little kick to it!


This wedding outdoor venue is a showstopper. The greenhouse theme works beautifully well in here, the mix of green plants with fairy lights makes the place sophisticated and elegant. It makes you want to tie the knot !

During our research, we came upon venues that incorporated tents or tiipi’s as their marquees. We loved that idea so much that we decided to show you our favorite ones:


TiiPii outdoor wedding venue


This outdoor wedding venue is so different and original. The use of tipi tents brings out a bohemian, festival feel to it. As you can see on the images, there is enough space inside to fit tables, buffet and a dance floor.



This is another take on Tiipii tent wedding venue. We really like how this couple blended their love for tipi’s with their wedding. The white tipi looks so cosy and romantic.


We hope these outdoor wedding venue images have helped you or inspired for future plans ! We believe that with the right accessories, lighting and decorations any outdoor weddings can look spectacular in its own way! Next time, why not add one of our tiipii bed as we believe it’s the perfect accessory to any outdoor weddings..

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