TiiPii Festival Vibes

Relax area

TiiPii loves music festivals, the music, the bests, the dancing! We understand that you need to take a breather as you just can’t dance all day and night. Enter TiiPii, there’s just no better way to relax than in the floating TiiPii Bed.

The perfect selfie spot

You’re wearing your best outfit of the year, you’re feeling great, you’re relaxing in nature and chilling in a TiiPiibed. It’s the perfect spot to take that selfie and share your #tiipiimoment on Instagram.

So easy to set up!

Compact, lightweight and set up in minutes. Our TiiPii products are created for the outdoors and safe and durable.

Style the ultimate festival chill area
Relax your spirit and get in the TiiPii vibe…

Festival hammock to take with you

The TiiPii Bed is not just another hammock, it’s a floating bed! With space for two! The gentle swinging of the TiiPii Bed puts your mind at ease and makes you be fully aware of the beautiful surroundings.

With the option of adding or removing a canopy, you’re able to benefit from the breeze, stay immune from insects, enjoy the shade or bask in the sun. Made from a marine grade cotton and polyester blend, your TiiPii is anti mould, UV and water-resistant.

Between performances you can chill out in the TiiPii area. Kick back in the floating beds with your friend to figure out the next stage you’re going to crash. Pop in some pillows and blankets and people will fall in love between the trees.

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