Colourful places you need to see

Colourful places you need to see
April 4, 2018 TiiPii
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Colourful places you need to see by TiiPii

Chefchaouen, Morocco


An entire city painted blue. The city is located in the Rif Mountains, not far from Tangier and Tetouan. The town that exists from 1471 now counts over 200 tourist and travellers accommodations because of the amazing colours. Don’t you just want to grab a travel hammock and go?!

Colourful places you need to see by TiiPiiCape Town, South Africa

Bo Kaap, our fav colourful street in Cape Town. Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa and offers a couple of the most beautiful places in the world. They have it all, from beaches to bars, from mountains to gardens…


Colourful places you need to see by TiiPii Vernazza, Italy

You can only get there by sea or a steep walking route. What’s not to love when you’re looking for a quiet Holiday spot? Vernazza charmes the coast of Italy with the blue sea and colourful buildings.

Colourful places you need to see by TiiPiiThe favelas, Rio de Janeiro


Ok, this is no place for camping and nothing like we have seen during the Olympics in Rio this year. The Favelas have a pretty bad rep as an area in Rio. However, the last few years there have been a couple of dare devil tourists strolling through the area. These colourful houses are the work of two Dutch artists and definitely brighten up the place!


Colourful places you need to see by TiiPiiHavana, Cuba


So different than the Favelas but also here is so much history and colour. Havana is so on our list of places to go to! And if you also want to experience Havana in it’s glorious ‘back in time’ state, pleasy hurry! The first Amercian culture influences have arrived on the island…

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