5 Cool ways to style your garden hammock

5 Cool ways to style your garden hammock
March 16, 2018 TiiPii
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A hammock is always a fantastic addition to any garden, encouraging you to get out and relax outdoors – yet all to often, it becomes an afterthought, left to gather moss at the back of the garden. However, there are great ways to spruce up a hammock, and make it the main attraction of your back yard.

We are going to show you easy tips that will help you personalise a typical hammock into an amazing area where you can either relax with a good book, or have a couple cocktails with your friends!

Here are 5 cool ways to style your garden hammock:


Firstly, adding cushions is a simple and easy way to style your hammock, making it more inviting, homely and comfortable. The style, design, colour of the cushions should really reflect your personality and the theme you want to give to your garden hammock.

Here are a few cushion that we really like :

Printed cushions by TiiPii

Laura slater– printed cushions

Hammock accessories by TiiPii

Tory Jayne – pom pom trim

For a relaxing effect choose soft neutral colours that not only tend to go with everything, but also bring out a calming effect. Don’t forget to extra comfy cushions for ultimate hammock relaxation session.

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Another delightfully simple way to style your garden hammock is to add blankets. These are always a good idea, especially for when evening falls and it is time to snuggle up warm and look at the moon rise.

5 cool ways to style your garden hammock

Lilac Coast – Lamb wool Pattern Blanket

5 cool ways to style your garden hammock

Trouva – Klippan Ralph Ivory Wool Blanket

Here are some great examples of blankets that you can use in your garden hammock. Any blanket will you do the job, but we particularly recommend these light blankets as they won’t take too much space and weight in your hammock but, will still be able to keep you warm when that cool evening breeze starts blowing. Don’t forget to pop it back inside during the night in case it rains!


By choosing the right lighting and shades of light, you can create a magical environment that will enable you to fully relax and be transported.

One perfect accessory to achieve this is fairy lights. Don’t think of them just as christmas lights, but as an all year round decoration which can add a magical feel to any evening.

You can of course style them any way you would like, but we personally prefer when the fairy lights are blended in with the hammock on the branches of the tree. Another great way to style fairy lights is to insert them through a see-through jar and either hang these jars from a branch, or pop them onto the ground around the hammock.

5 cool ways to style your garden hammock

Fairy light in see through jars

5 cool ways to style your garden hammock

Led Light Fairy lights


Having vibrant greenery surrounding your hammock is a must. Flowers, plants, trees .. you name it ! You don’t need a big budget to incorporate these, a few flowers and simple plants will do. The trick is to incorporate them in a cool and original way, instead of having them just sitting there next to you. An interesting way to do this is to attach them along a nearby wall. It’s simple to do, saves you precious garden space, but more importantly, it looks amazing!

5 cool ways to style your garden hammock

Small plants attached to the wall

5 cool ways to style your garden hammock

Pots of plants hanging from the ceiling

Side Table

Finally, a side table next to your garden hammock is the perfect accessory for comfort and practicality. Any size, shape will do, just make sure it is stable on the ground or grass, and that the height is practical for access from your hammock. The side table can be used to put down your laptop so you can enjoy a nice movie under the stars, or to hold your cocktails when enjoying a good time with friends !

5 cool ways to style your garden hammock

Furniture Alfresco – Square two shelves table

5 cool ways to style your garden hammock

Joe Alexander – Round shape wood table

We hope these 5 cool ways to style your garden hammock were helpful to you. Make sure to check our Tiipii Pinterest account where you can find inspirational/idea boards about garden hammocks.

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